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Evaluation of Effects of a Novel Probiotic Feed Supplement on The Quality of Broiler Meat

Ujang Suryadi, Yudhi Ratna Nugraheni, Anang Febri Prasetyo and Aan Awaludin

Background and Aim: A local microorganism-based probiotic has been developed as an alternative to using antibiotic growth promoter and its effect on broiler meat quality has been studied, when supplemented with poultry feed at different concentrations. This study aimed to understand the effect of local microorganism-based probiotic sourced from cattle rumen and chicken intestine and added as feed supplement at different concentrations on broiler meat quality.

Materials and Methods: The local microorganism-based probiotic made from cattle rumen and chicken intestine contained Lactobacillus spp., Bifidobacterium spp., Streptococcus spp., and Bacillus spp. The experiments followed a completely randomized design. Treatments in the study were: P0, i.e., control (without probiotic), P1 (probiotic administered at 5 ml/kg feed), P2 (probiotic administered at 10 ml/kg feed), and P3 (probiotic administered at 15 ml/kg feed). Each treatment was repeated 5 times. Parameters examined in this study were pH, meat tenderness, fat content, and meat protein content.

Results: Based on a total of 200 chickens, the percentage of meat protein content in treatments P1, P2, and P3 showed an increase of 19.34%, 19.42%, and 19.64%, respectively, when compared with P0 that showed a protein content increase of 19.14%. The fat content of meat for P1, P2, and P3 was 21.54%, 21.46%, and 21.30%, respectively, which was less than the value for P0 (21.69%). The treatments did not significantly affect pH or meat tenderness when compared with the control. The usage of this novel probiotic as a feed supplement resulted in an increase in meat protein content and a decrease in fat content.

Conclusion: This study indicates that using the local microorganism-based probiotic sourced from cattle rumen and chicken intestine to supplement poultry feed did not have a significantly different effect (p>0.05) on meat pH; however, it had a significantly different (p<0.05) on protein and fat content of broiler meat.

Keywords: broiler, chicken, meat, microorganism, probiotic.

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