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Energy and Exergy Analysis of Steam Power Plant in Paiton, Indonesia

Bayu Rudiyanto1, Tri Ajeng Kusuma Wardani2, Saiful Anwar3, Lutfi Al Jamali4, Totok Prasetyo5, Kukuh Mukti Wibowo6, Nugroho Agung Pambudi7 and Lip Huat Saw8


The exergy analysis of steam power plant system in PT. Jawa Power-YTL, East Java unit 5 was performed based on the first and second law of thermodynamics. Exergy flow and exergy efficiency were calculated for each component of the plant i.e. the boiler, HTP, IPT, LPT, deaerator, condenser, HPH, LPH, CEP and FWP. The exergy steam-flow of 970288 kW produced 610.000 kW of electricity with an exergy efficiency of 26.36%. Sankey diagram showed the exergy loss on each component of the steam power plant. The irreversibility of the boiler, condenser, turbine, LPH, HPH, pump and daerator were 1677003 kW (17,28 %), 738122 kW (7,61 %), 152894 kW (1,58 %), 111881 kW (1,15 %), 470520 kW (4,85 %), 193494 kW (1,99 %) and 1081771 kW (11,15 %), respectively. The total exergy that could be converted into electrical energy in the system was 5276259 kW (54,39%). The highest irreversibility was in the boiler with 1677003 kW (17,28%). The optimization result showed that the highest efficiency was 94.04% at an output pressure of 41 bar.

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